Introduction: Outpatient services of a healthcare facility reflects the functioning of hospital In the process of patient care, often healthcare facilities face several problems like excessive waiting times for patients, lack of access to information, high costs of delivery and medical errors. Thus, Healthcare administrators think of identifying lacunae in the system by thorough study of existing processes in terms of work flow procedures and turnaround time studies. The detailed study helps in redefining; reengineering the existing processes and optimizes the operations without compromising on quality care to patients. 
Objectives: To study the workflow process and turnaround time of Cardiology department services. Identify waiting time of services along with value added and non-value added services and recommend fine refinements in existing procedures, if required. 
Methodology:  A descriptive study was carried out at a tertiary care hospital which provides services of various specialities to patients. Complete observation of work process flow, patient movements and turnaround time of cardiology services were observed. 
Study Outcomes: Study had successfully studied the work flow processes of the department. Turnaround time of cardiology services and associated waiting time was also computed. Areas needed fine refinements were noticed and suitable recommendations were made to management in order to promote comprehensive patient care. 
Cardiology Department, Healthcare, Workflow process, Turnaround Time  
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
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