Due to its complex organizational nature, a hospital needs unique leadership to reach the intended goal. This requires special leadership training and development initiatives. This Literature review tries to answer six questions: 
1) What is leadership training and development? What is the current scenario on this front? 
2) Whom to give leadership training to? 
3) What to include in leadership training and development programs? 
4) Which teaching methodology is to be adopted for leadership training and development? 
5) What should be the duration of leadership training and development programs? And lastly 
6) How to evaluate the outcome of the leadership training and development programs? 
This review concludes that there is no firm answer depicted from the articles reviewed. Hence, leadership training and development need robust research to develop tomorrow’s hospital leaders as well as enhance leadership virtues of current hospital leaders. 
This review will guide hospital and healthcare industry leaders, hospital administrators and academicians in order to develop current and future leaders to certain extent and to conduct research studies on this front.
Key words: Leadership training, Leadership development, Hospital leaders, Leadership in hospital industry.
Wednesday, September 13, 2017
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