1. At least 10 members of AHA out of which minimum of five should be Life members.
  2. Where the Executive Committee of AHA feels satisfied with the strength of members in region a suitable member may be appointed to organize a regional chapte
  3. Availability of basic infrastructure facility for conducting Programs/Workshops/ Seminars/Symposium/Conferences.


Relationship Between AHA and Regional Chapters

  1. Each application for membership or transfer of grade of membership should be submitted to AHA. After the membership is approved by the Executive Committee a copy of the membership certificate along with the approval thereof will be sent to the Regional Chapters for their reference and records.
  2. Regional Chapters will provide the same privilege to the members as are provided by the AHA.
  3. All conference/programs etc. organized by the Regional Chapters will be intimated to AHA. Repayable financial assistance can be provided by the AHA if required, but the raising of funds for organizing the programs shall be the responsibility of the Regional Chapters
  4. 25% of surplus revenue earned by Regional Chapters by conducting consultations/ training programs/ project work etc. will be contributed towards the corpus fund of AHA every year along with the audited accounts.
  5. 25% of all membership fees collected by AHA from the particular Regional Chapters will be paid to the Regional Chapter for its development purposes on quarterly basis
  6. SASH: The National conference conducted under the brand name of SASH is exclusive IPR of AHA. As such all SASH conferences will be publicized as offered by AHA as the principal partner. The local chapter or any other institution will be an associate partner only. The surplus generated will be equitably distributed between AHA and regional chapters.
  7. Other conferences: The regional chapter/ any local institution, while conducting a conference on their own, may include AHA as a collaborator after prior approval from AHA. A royalty of 20% of the surplus will be paid towards corpus fund of AHA.
  8. Regional Chapters will inform in advance to Executive Committee of the Academy of their activities/ programs/ new ventures and policy matters.
  9. In no case an activity not provided for in the Memorandum of Association shall be undertaken by Regional Chapters. The ACADEMY will not be responsible in any manner for a breach of its Memorandum of Association by Regional Chapters of members individually.
  10. Decision of the ACADEMY shall be binding on Regional Chapters in all matters.
  11. Academy shall not be responsible for the liabilities incurred by any members in his/her personal capacity.
  12. No member of Chapter shall use the Academy material of any kind for his personal benefit.
  13. Articles/Publication of the Regional Chapters of Academy are property of the Academy and the same shall not be disseminated without prior approval by the Executive Committee of the Academy.
  14. Academy shall provide a reference and guidance centre for the benefit of the chapters for their professional growth.
  15. Academy shall provide help to the chapters in the form of printed materials, professional expertise and consultancy etc. as and when required. Financial help may be also considered.
  16. The Academy reserves the right to alter, amend and introduce new rules for the regional chapters if necessity arises after due approval from the Executive Committee.
  17. Any suggestions for amendment/alternations/modifications in the rules of Regional Chapters can be forwarded by the Regional Chapters for examination and approval by the Executive Committee of the Academy.
  18. Regional Chapters may form as many committees as required with the permanent members.
  19. Violation of any of the Articles of the Memorandum of the Association will be considered a breach of discipline. Penalty may result in termination of membership/ dissolution of the Chapter as decided by the Executive Committee. Members/Office bearers are liable to make good the losses.

Organization of Regional Chapters

  1. Each Regional Chapter will elect its own Executive Director, Treasurer and Member Secretary through a General body meeting of the members available locally.
  2. The Regional Chapter will commence further only after a written approval is obtained from the AHA Executive committee. The duties and responsibilities of the various regional office bearer will be framed by the Regional Executive Director and submitted to AHA office for vetting and concurrence.
  3. Each Regional Chapter will elect the following Regional Office Bearers:-

        a) Regional Executive Director (e.g. Lucknow Chapter)
        b) Finance Secretary (e.g. Lucknow Chapter)
        c) Member Secretary (e.g. Lucknow Chapter)
        d) Executive Members (minimum two and maximum four)

Regional Chapter Executive committee meetings must have a quorum of simple majority.

Financial Management

  1. Bank account will be opened in the name of "Regional Chapter AHA" and operated jointly by at least two office bearers.
  2. The accounts of the Chapters shall be maintained as per the requirements of the statutory audit.
  3. Accounts will be got audited preferably by a chartered accountant, or internally by the Regional Chapter, annually, and audited accounts will be presented to the AGBM of the Regional Chapter during each financial year. The audited accounts will thereafter be  forwarded to the office of AHA latest by 15th June every year.
  4. Accounts of the chapters can be frozen as well as taken over by the Executive Committee of the Academy if breach of financial discipline is brought to their notice.
  5. Income and expenditure statement will be maintained for all Conference /Meetings/ Programs/ Projects etc. conducted by Regional Chapter either directly or on behalf of AHA, and the same shall be submitted to AHA within 3 months of the event.
  6. Mortgaging of the property of the Academy is forbidden by the Regional Chapter.

Closing of Regional Chapters

  1. Violation/breach of any of the aforementioned rules can lead to the closure of the Regional Chapter after due approval of the Executive Committee of AHA. Pending decision of the Executive Committee all activities/financial transactions will be suspended.
  2. The closure will be intimated by advertisement in all the leading newspaper.