AHA Journal - JAHA Vol 31 No.1 [Jan-June 2019 Issue]

It is a matter great pleasure & pride for me to present Vol. 31, No.1 (Jan-June 2019) of JAHA. With this issue, we have entered the 31styears of continuous publication of this journal which has attained a reputation of being the oldest journal on Hospital Administration in India. Also, rigorous peer review process has ensured that the original research is honed and crystallized before being accepted for publication.

This issue offers varied range of articles covering patient safety in operation theatre, assessment of quality in laboratory services through performance indicators, hospital infection control, inventory management by ABC & VED Analysis, Planning and costing of medical gas manifold for a 300 bedded hospital; comparative study of two Pvt. healthcare organizations of India; & some more issues specific to the realm of Hospital Administration such as   reporting system of communicable diseases in healthcare facilities.
I am certain you will find the articles contained herein, very interesting & educative. The journal is available for AHA members online at http://ahaindia,org/journal.
We request  the Hospital Administration Fraternity to contribute in this academic step by sending, as much as possible, research papers/articles/case studies, etc.
Your valuable feedback is always welcome to make the journal more effective in addressing the needs of the hospital administration community.

[Dr Hem Chandra]
Executive Editor

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Saturday, August 31, 2019