Objectives: The study aims at evaluating the informed consent form filling practices in various patient care areas.
Method: Data was collected retrospectively for one year by referring through the patient files. A checklist was used to ensure the complete filling of informed consent forms in patient’s medical records which includes the entries such as diagnosis, consenting language used (English / local), doctor’s name and signature, patients/ surrogates signature and witness signature. A total of 218 medical records (n=218) were verified from departments such as Surgery (64), Paediatrics (46), Medicine (30); other departments include Urology, Nephrology and OBG (78).
Results & Conclusion: Study results showed that the diagnosis information of the patient, doctor’s name and patient signature were filled satisfactorily. Whereas language used for consent, doctor’s signature and witness signature needed improvement.
Informed consent, Medical records, Consent forms 
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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