Dear Colleagues,

We are happy to share that we had been getting tremendous response from our members in the past who contributed quality articles for JAHA. However, lately the flair for writing & research work seems to be on decline. May I request you all to contribute more & more articles/ research work on the following topics(or any Hospital and Healthcare Management related subjects) for our upcoming Vol 32, No.2 (July-Dec.) issues of JAHA:- 

1. Quality of Service
2. Management of Hospitals
3. Urban and Rural Health
4. Health Informatics
5. Insurance
6. Patient and Employee Safety.
7. HR Management.
8. Equipment and Material Management
9. Operations Research
10. Bio-ethics and Legal issues AHA journal indexed internationally with NLM (UI 9109129)

You are requested to submit articles by 30th JAN 2021.  Instructions for submission of article JAHA attached...!!

Editor in Chief – JAHA
Saturday, January 2, 2021