Ref: 213/AHA/BOE Agenda-3/2017-18                        Dated: 1st Aug, 2017
Sub: 3rd  Board of Executive Committee Meeting-AHA 2017-2018.
Dear Sir,
1. The 3rd Board of Executive Committee meeting of Academy of Hospital Administration will be held at AHA House on 19th Aug. 2017, at 16.00 hrs [Saturday]
2. Agenda Points of the meeting are as under:-
i) Confirmation and progress of Minutes of Meeting 3rd June, 2017
ii) Journal Progress Vol. 29 No. 1 [Jan-June 2017 Issue] & Pubmed Status
iii) Management Review Meeting – AHA Memorandum Updation & Society Registration at UP Status.
iv) NABH Consultancy & Other projects- Internal Audit Presentation by consultant
v) AHA National Conference SASH-2017-2018 at Hyderabad. Presentation of plans by Organizing committee- Approval of Advance money to SASH-  2018 on refundable basis &
     Selection of Election committee
vi) Membership –AHA
vii) Purchase of capital items
viii) Next one day event discussion on topic and dates.
ix) Marketing of AHA educational program in UP - VP
x) Any other point with permission of chair
3. May I request you all to make it convenient to attend the meeting.
With regards, 
Cordially yours,
Dr. Sajal Sen 
Executive Director 
Wednesday, August 9, 2017