Dear AHA Members

Please find below an extract of the minutes of the meeting [online] held on 13th May 2020 at 18.30 hrs. for your reference.

3.      Any other points with the permission of the chair

         a)  Election BoE 2020-2022

  • All members deliberated on the possibility of holding next BoE elections and after considering the opinion of all members, BoE has unanimously decided to postpone the upcoming BoE elections until further notice due to the current COVID pandemic. Once this pandemic situation will come under control, only then the election process can be started after approval.  All BoE members present agreed and it was decided to hold BoE elections at the earliest possible time after the Corona Crisis is over, right now it is the time  for all seniors to work towards Prevention & control of Corona and give support for our healthcare facilities Nation-wide.


With Warm Regards

Gp Capt M G Ajmani, Retd

Executive Director


Monday, May 18, 2020