Background: A hospital ward is termed as the unitof a hospital. The wards of the hospital are setaccording to different specialities present in ahospital. A hospital ward is an area or floor of ahospital in which patients with similar needs areplaced together. The function of hospital wards is tokeep similar patients together, either according toage, disease, or condition e.g. emergency wardgroups patients requiring immediate care & a dialysisward groups together patients receiving dialysistreatments. Ward management is required to impartproper decision making and improve the performanceof the staff working within them, for this functioningNursing In-charges are employed. Employing NursingIn-charges improves the quality of care and keepsthe necessary specialists grouped in a specific area,entailing to the fact that care provided is moreimmediate than if specialists were scatteredthroughout the hospital. In view of the day to daymanagement various problems were indicated tohave hindered in the proper functioning of the wards.This study avers to analyse and facilitate the wardmanagement by prioritising and taking definitive stepsto forestall the problems by using Delphi Techniquein Sanjay Gandhi PGMS, Lucknow, India; a tertiarycare hospital. Taking into account all of the above,study was designed and questionnaires generatedas per the selections made by the Nursing In-charges, since they were the deciding factors andalso the deciding experts
Keywords:Problem solving, Ward management, Nursing In-Charges, Delphi Technique
Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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