Consumer Satisfaction In A Tertiary Health Care Institution – Anempirical Study On Tripura Medical College, Agartala
Health care sector has a vast canvas and it is thefilial duty of the nation to protect and sustain thehealth of its citizens. Therefore it is incumbent uponthe institutions like hospitals and medical collegesto ensure sustainable healthcare solutions to thepatients. Unlike past health care industry hasemerged as one of the key service sector a playerover a decade or two where patients transcendentto consumers and certain expectations have beendeveloped pertaining to services a patient shouldexpect in a medical institution. With patientsclamouring for more like a demanding consumer andhospitals ruffling in the tough and competitive terrainof high service quality assurance, a slight deviationcan impact the satisfaction adversely. From ethicalstandpoint as well, the demand of the patients couldnot be negated. This paper aims to assess thesatisfaction level of patients who have consumedmedical services of the institution by measuringcertain selected performance variables. The authorsdeveloped and deployed a multiple regression modelwhich revealed that though overtly certain level ofsatisfaction exists among the patients still fewdepartments needs immediate improvement.
Keywords:health care, medical college, hospital, patientsatisfaction, service quality, multiple regression
Wednesday, April 25, 2018