Operation theatre is a complex area in any Hospital and Surgery is a collective team effort of surgeons, anaesthetists, nurses, technicians, paramedical staff, support staff supported by Administrative staff, Billing, Corporate/ TPA staff, Vendors etc. The delay in performing these procedures can be attributed to inept performance by any of the team member. Operating room delays can negatively impact patients directly, their family members and the staff. Most instances of delay are due to lack of appropriate planning or inadequate utilization of available resources. Delays in the operation theatre cause significant loss of resources and time. If the first surgery of the day is delayed then, all the subsequent surgeries in the hospital are automatically delayed.
This present article studies the causes of delay in operation theatres. The Management using ‘Total Quality Management ‘principles did a continual study to mitigate the delays. As an initiative this article did comparison with its own study, introduced new parameters as factors for delay. The study is analysing the reasons of delays in Operation Theatre.
Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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