Definition of Quality Circle
A Quality Circle is volunteer group composed of members who meet to talk about workplace and service improvements and make presentations to their management with their ideas. [1] These are related especially to the quality of output or services in order to improve the performance of the organization/department and motivate and enrich the work of employees. This group carries on continuously as a part of organization-wide control activities, self and mutual developments and control and improvement within the workplace utilizing quality control techniques with all the members participating.  The members receive training in problem solving, statistical quality control and group processes. 
Quality Circle generally recommends solutions for quality and services by using “Lean Concept” which simply means a systematic approach to identify all types of waste, [2] to make optimum utilization of available resources, ensure continuous improvement, ensure smooth flow of the product in the process and meet customers demand. Thus Quality Circle is not merely a suggestion system or a quality control group but extends beyond that because its activities are more comprehensive. [3]Furthermore, it is a permanent feature of the organization 
Friday, April 22, 2016
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