ABSTRACT: Operational efficiency is a concept that holds increasing importance to Cardiac Cath Labs. Identifying inefficiencies in cath lab care delivery can save time, maximize production and minimize costs.  Using quality indicators such Turn Around Time (TAT), Door to Needle (D2N) time, and Door to Balloon (D2B) Time and Quality Improvement(QI) tools as DMAIC model, PDCA and Congruence Model, help to identify the bottlenecks in the overall management of cath lab. Staff members’ engagement and their satisfaction in all roles are important and help in their taking pride in providing high-quality patient care.
Keywords: Congruence Model, Door To Needle Time, Door To Balloon Time, DMAIC Tool, Employee Engagement, PDCA Model, PDSA Cycle, Turn Around Time
Saturday, August 31, 2019
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