The journal of Academy of Hospital Administration published biannually, publishes original research papers, reviews and other special category articles in the fields of Hospital and health Care Administration. Communications on general editorial matters including manuscripts for publications, printed matter and books for review should be sent to the Editor, Academy of Hospital Administration, C-56/43, Sector-62, Institutional Area, NOIDA, U.P. Manuscripts : Manuscript should be prepared in accordance with the ‘‘Uniform requirement for manuscripts submitted to Biomedical journals’’ compiled by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors(The New England Journal of Medicine 1997; 336(4) :309-15). Two high quality copies on A/4 white bond paper should be submitted (One of them should be the original typescript) and the author should retain a copy. Article must be typed on one side of the paper only double-spaced and with wide margins (half-inch) and all the pages, must be numbered sequentially, starting with the title page. It should generally not exceed 10typed pages, including references and tables; and should be arranged in the following format : Covering Letter, Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Result, Discussion, Conclusion, Reference, Tables, Legends to figures and figures. Covering Letter should provide the title and authors of the papers. Each author should sign the covering letter accepting the title and full responsibility for the same; and transferring the copyright ownership to the publisher of the journal, accompanied by self addressed stamped envelope of appropriate size. Editorial committee shall be responsible for unsolicited manuscripts. The covering letter should be accompanied by a certificate in the following format :(1)Certified that this article has not been published or submitted or publication in any other journal. The author accepts any changes made in the article. The author accepts any changes made in the article, in conformity with journal style.(2)Certified that the manuscript contains no matter that is libelous or otherwise unlawful, invades individual privacy or infringes on any property rights.(3)The authors certifies that he/they have made substantive and intellectual contribution the article and assume public responsibility of its content.(4)Here-in-after authors should submit a no-objection/clearance for submission letter duly approved by their organizational head or quality assurance head or public relationship department head to testify their self-certification of not having infringed on any proprietary information, not allowed to be shared in public domain. The Title should be brief and to the point. The name of the author appear on the title page only with the iraffiliation and their full address. The name and location of the department where work was done should be mentioned. If title is long, (greater than 50 characters)a short running title, should be mentioned (within 40characters).Text Article should be in the standard format including the following: Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References, Tables, legends to figures and figures. Acknowledgment, if any, should be paced at the end of the text before references. References : The journal follows the Vancouver Style of reference. References should be numbered and listed consecutive in the order in which they are first cited in the text, and should be identified in the text, tables and legends by Arabic numerals in parenthesis. The full list of references at the end of the paper should include, names and initials of all authors (if more than 6, only the first 3 are given followed by et al.); the title of the paper, the journal title abbreviated according to the style o Index Medicus : year, those of multiple authorship should also include the chapter title, first and last page numbers and names and initials of editors e.g.1.Mehta MN, Mehta NJ. Mehta, Serum lipids and ABO blood groups in cord blood neonates. Indian J Pediatr. 1984.51:39-43.2.Smith GDL. Chronic ear disease, Edinburgh; Churchill Livingstone, 1980:78-81.3.Malhotra KC Medicogenetic problems of Indian tribes. In Veena IC ed. Medical Genetics in India, Vol. 2.Pondichery Auroma enterprises, 1978;51-55.Auroma enterprises, 1978; : 55-55.Papers accepted but not yet published should be include in the references followed by ‘‘in press’’ in parenthesis .For more detailed information about Vancouver system, authors should consult. ‘‘Uniform requirement for manuscript to submitted to Biomedical Journal’’ complied by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors(The New England Journal of Medicine 1997; 336 (4) :309-15)Tables Each table should be on a separate sheet with an adequate heading : tale and heading together should be self-explanatory. The desired position of the table relative to the text should be indicated in the left margin. Figures : All the comments on tables apply equally to figures. Figures should glossy photograph, not photocopies, photographs for reproduction should also be glossy prints. Illustration should only be used where necessary to clarify important points. Reprints : Five reprints of each article will be supplied free of charge. In case of multiple authorship they will be sent to the first author. Brief Communication For prompt publication paper scan be submitted under this section. Manuscript should contain a maximum 100 words including maximum of10 references and not more than one table; figure should not be used. Papers submitted under this section should not be sent elsewhere. Letters to the Editor Letters should not exceed two double spaced type pages. Letters can be regarding articles published in this journal or any other significant matter. Letters will be edited for clarity and conformity with journal style and may be shortened. There should not be not more than five reference (tables and figures cannot be used).Articles that do not meet the above specification will be returned to the author for revision before being considered for review by the editorial board.

Executive Editor-JAHA