• Every member will be given a membership certificate signifying the type of membership and date of admission.
  • Every member (except Associate, Student and Institution) will have the right to be elected and be represented on the executive committee of the Academy on the basis of an election held during the Annual General Body meeting.
  • Every member will be entitled free ONLINE copy of the biannual journal of Academy of Hospital Administration.
  • All priced publications of AHA will be made available to members at concessional rates.
  • Every member (except Associate, Student & Institutional and Honorary) has a voting right.
  • Information regarding various training programmes, workshops, seminars will be disseminated to the members. Preference will be given to AHA members for participating in these activities at reduced/concessional rates.
  • Members will be entittled to use the following titles according to their respective class of membership.
Life Member MAHA
Associate Life Member
Student Member SAMAHA
Institutional Member IM

10% discount in tution fee OR concessional room rent charges in AHA hostel is allowed to all AHA members attending various training programmes conducted by AHA