"Extract Minutes of Meeting AGBM held on 20th Jan 2018, at SASH-2018, Hyderabad"

Memorandum AHA

The committee for amendments in Memorandum of Association [MoA], appointed by AGBM held on 13th Nov. 2016 submitted its report to Board of Executive prior to AGBM. The same was circulated to BoE members for their observations/comments. The comments received were communicated to the committee.

The final version of amended Memorandum was presented by Prof (Dr) Dayakar Thota – Member of MoA committee during the AGBM. 

The house appreciated the untiring efforts of MoA committee who had to go through lot of deliberations, discussions, presentations and meetings at AHA HQ in order to complete the same within stipulated time.

AGBM Decision: The revised MoA was approved to be adopted by voice vote without any comments/observations.  Further action to submit the Memorandum and get the academy registered in UP State shall be taken by HQs.


AHA-MoA click below to view pdf version: